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Finders-Keepers Explore a world full of life - meet interesting characters, and discover rare loot using all kinds of tools. Then, take all of your finding back to your house to upgrade your stuff, or use to decorate with! If you can find it - you can keep it! Template:Infobox location - Discord - Twitter - Group


Patch Notes & Updates

Sell Anywhere Game Pass

Sell Anywhere - Game Pass v1.2

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Current Updates:

  • Tons of cool new paintbrushes!
  • Paint your house and furniture many different colors!
  • Loads of cool new furniture!
  • New trinkets to help with movement, gathering, and more!
  • Lots of new NPCs to befriend, help out, and chat with!
  • Tons of bugfixes, and general quality of life improvements!
  • And much, much more for you to discover! Have fun!

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